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Do you struggle to find time to read?

  • Do you struggle to balance your commitment to learning with the limited time you have?

  • Is your unending pile of books starting to overwhelm you? 

  • Do you need a way to quickly grasp the key ideas, without reading cover to cover? 

  • Do you wish you had a way of knowing which books to invest in

  • Have you ever bought a book, only to realize it wasn't what you had in mind?

  • Do you need access to fresh insights for sermon prep, every week?

  • Wish you had time to branch out and read more widely?  


As a leader, you already know you ought to read. But your Time is Limited. 🕑

And that's why we built Accelerate

Every month Accelerate distills EIGHT theology books 

to their key insights so you can understand them quickly.

(actual footage of the rumored Accelerate Book Brief machine)

"Just finished my second book brief and amazingly, 
it actually felt like I read the whole book!"

JD Pedida,  Church Planter at Victory

What They're Saying

I’ll admit it.

I was skeptical about the benefits of Accelerate. Oh, whether or not benefits would exist — sure they would — but would they be worth paying for? I honestly couldn’t imagine they would.

So I checked it out and was blown away.

While the [beta] content isn’t extensive yet, what is there is outstanding. My early doubts are gone and I can get a good sense of a book that I just don’t have time to read. 

There are books I'm curious about, but with only 24 hours in a day (would someone work on that problem, please?) I can’t read everything I’m curious about (and I can’t afford to do that either!)

Accelerate scratches that itch and even gives me enough information to allow me to discuss a book without investing the time and money required to read every page.

- Sharon Herbitter

Wife, Mom, and Nana

But What Makes Accelerate So Different?

"Books don't change people, paragraphs do and sometimes sentences. They may lodge themselves so powerfully in our mind that its effect is enormous when all else is forgotten. " - John Piper

In other words . . . 

While we forget page numbers, we never forget worldview-shaping insights.

This reality shapes the approach we take at Accelerate and guides our Book Briefing. More than just chapter-by-chapter summaries, we emphasize key insights and principles, and explain them in memorable ways.

So, what makes Accelerate different?

In short, Accelerate is uniquely insight-driven and uniquely designed for comprehension.


See What They're Saying

As a summer camp director, I don't have much time to read during the summer. I always commit to Tim Challies' Reading Challenge every New Year but always fall short because I just do not have the time to read during the summer. 

Accelerate is my new remedy. 

The book briefs are concise and represent all the best points of great books that I desire to read. 

I could spend five minutes a day reading the briefs and come away with a great understanding of a new book. To me, this is amazing! 

- Mike King

Camp Director at Raleigh's Place Camp 1:27

What's My Investment?

How much time is inefficient reading costing you? How much time and money spent reading the wrong books could've been invested elsewhere? How many hours have you spent reading a book that you honestly could've grasped in 30 minutes?

With access to Eight Book Briefs every month, Accelerate members redeem up to 252 hours every year.

If an average non-fiction book takes an average of 3 hours to finish, that's 24 hours to read eight books a month and 288 hours if you kept that up all year.

On the other hand, an Accelerate Book Brief takes about 20 minutes to read. This means it'd take approximately 2.6 hours to read all eight monthly briefs. And only 31.2 hours for the year.

Reading without Accelerate could be costing you 252 hours every year. 

Are you ready to gain your time back? 🕓

See What They're Saying

Still Not Sure if Accelerate Is For You? 

If you're a Leader, Pastor, Church Planter, or Missionary looking to maximize your influence for the Kingdom, then you already know the importance of constant learning. But how do you possibly balance that with your limited time?

FROM THE LAPTOP OF:   The Accelerate Team

SUBJECT:  Does this sound familiar at all?

Dear fellow Gospel Practitioner,

You already know the importance of learning.

You already knowthere’s no substitute for reading when it comes to developing as a leader” to quote Dr. Albert Mohler.

So, you've committed to learning and reading regularly and widely.

On top of reading Scripture, you try to read the Classics and the Puritans

You’re determined to read all the Systematic and Biblical theology books. 

You’re probably reading a few leadership books and have a bookmark in some biographies

You want to grow in Apologetics and Evangelism, but you can’t forget to spend time learning about Culture, Politics, Ethnicity, self-help, History and perhaps Philosophy -- all while trying to keep up with the news. #relevant

Oh, and you’re halfway through a few dozen theology books, and yet for some reason, you decide to start another one.

You know what we’re talking about.

Your ambitious list of books to read only grows bigger every single day. 

Oh, and we haven't even mentioned...

  • The book you're reading in small group

  • Your saved blog articles to read

  • Your videos to “watch later”

  • The book you’re reading with a friend

  • Your list of podcasts and lectures to listen to

  • Your magazine you subscribe to

  • The conferences and seminars to go to...

And despite the fact that you might love reading,

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Yeah, us too.

But, being the determined leader you are, you commit to the discipline of learning, knowing if you keep at it, you'll eventually read all the books on your must-read list



  • - Not because you're lazy.
  • - Not because you're undisciplined.
  • - Not because you read too slowly.


We simply do not have enough time on this  side of eternity to read every life-changing book we're recommended to.

In fact . . .

We don't even have enough time to read HALF of the books we ought to read, ... even if we read all day.

And if we kept that perspective in mind...

 It would  radically change  how we discerned ...

1.  WHICH books to read 


2.  HOW we read them.

"That's why I read by the 80/20 rule: 

Meaning, 80 percent of a book's main insights are found in 20 percent of the pages. 

So without apology, I ransack books for what I can get in the little time I have in this season of life.

This philosophy shapes Accelerate and shapes how we design our Book Briefs.

David Mathis


Q: What makes Accelerate different than other book summary programs?

A: We are insight-driven rather than book-driven; rather than focusing on a chapter-by-chapter summary, we excavate the key insights, presenting them in various mediums such as Animations, Infographics, Audio, and Study Questions. We will also be continually innovating to find creative ways to accelerate the learning process.​​

Q: How many books will be briefed each month?

A: 8 Book Briefs every month! 

Q: Does Accelerate have an Android or iPhone App?

A:  Not yet! However, we are optimizing the web platform for mobile-friendly usage. Developing a phone application is certainly on our roadmap for future updates!

Q: What do publishers feel about this?

A: Publishers are completely on board with this project! Because Accelerate doesn't aim to replace reading or buying books, it's a win-win for both readers and publishers. You can see some of the publishing companies we've partnered with before above.

Q: What type of books will be Accelerated?

A: We are reformed in our theology and our selection of books to accelerate will reflect that. We will include both newly published books and older books such as the Puritan writings. Some categories we will focus on are Theology, Christian Living / Discipleship, Pastoral Ministry, Leadership, Counseling, Evangelism, Apologetics, and History.

We will not be accelerating Commentaries, Reference Books, Biographies, or Devotionals.

Q: What will do with all my extra free time?

A: Great question. We certainly get this a lot! This is a serious issue as some have reported having saved so much time from Accelerate, they simply do not know what to do with themselves. This is a common consequence of Accelerate so we advice planning activities beforehand that you can participate in now that you have so much more time (running a marathon, learning a new language, planting 10 more churches, etc.)

More questions? Reach out to us at